Raspberry Chia Pudding

I don't know about you guys but I am a HUGE breakfast person. The problem is, I also love to sleep. Therefore, I'm almost always running late in the morning. But thanks to Pinterest, I found a recipe for Raspberry Chia Pudding that is incredibly easy, nutritious AND delicious. Not to mention, it's also filling! I like… Continue reading Raspberry Chia Pudding


Perfect Protein Pancakes

Okay guys, these pancakes are my absolute favorite! I originally found this recipe for easy, 4-ingredient low carb pancakes and I've been working on perfecting it for a few weeks now. The pancakes in the recipe were delicious, but I wanted to make them my own. And now, I'm OBSESSED. These protein packed pancakes have quickly… Continue reading Perfect Protein Pancakes

Love Life

How to Successfully Have a Summer Fling In 6 Easy Steps!

Step One: Meet someone. Step Two: Text/talk to that person non-stop while you're on vacation in South Carolina (or wherever your family likes to go, location doesn't really matter). Step Three: Return home, and actually hang out with that person. Step Four: Continue casually hanging out with said person for the rest of the summer… Continue reading How to Successfully Have a Summer Fling In 6 Easy Steps!